An exciting new exhibition ‘Emergences’ has opened at the prestigious Holmes à Court Gallery at Vasse Felix exhibition space.

Open daily 10.00am to 5.00pm from 29 January to 5 March 2023

‘Emergences’ forms part of a state-wide project titled ‘Open Borders’. This brings together regionally-based artists from across the state in a series of 15 exhibitions.

In a first of its’ kind, 11 artists from the South West have been selected for the ‘Emergences’ exhibition – Amanda Bell, Elaine Clocherty/Kyllie Deltondo/Mick Hart/Danny Jennings, Shannon Clohessy, Francesco Geronazzo, Shayne Hadley, Yu-Hua Lan, Elisa Markes-Young, Katharina Meister, Kate Alida Mullen, Martine Perret and Helen Seiver. 

Curator Christopher Young and Assistant Curator Anita Pettit said the ‘Emergences’ exhibition offers all artists a considerable opportunity to present their practices and skills to a new and diverse audience, network with other creatives, proffer challenging ideas and engage in a dialogue about complex issues. 

“Each ‘Emergences’ artist – as all of us – has a complex network of physical and psychological barricades in their lives. These can be environmental, imposed on them or self-erected. What happens when a barricade falls or is breached?,” said Christopher Young.

Artist Francesco Geronazzo said the exhibition will generate a new professional positioning and recognition as an artist including improving networks, establishing industry relationships and engaging with the arts community.

Through the exhibition I will achieve growth as an artist and also as an individual including working outside my studio comfort zone, which helps me to improve my skills and goals that I wouldn’t otherwise explore,” said Francesco Geronazzo.

“I am an introvert so this project will push me outside my comfort zone and connect me with new audiences including arts enthusiasts, the general community and other artists. While well recognised in Europe – especially in Bologna – expanding my career in Western Australia is an important and very valuable outcome.” he said.

Annette Davis ‘Open Borders’ Head Curator and Jane King from John Curtin Gallery will visit the ‘Emergences’ Exhibition in early February to select artists for the upcoming John Curtin Exhibition later in the year.

All involved are regionally-based artists who are passionate about their practices. ‘Emergences’ is a relatively short-notice opportunity for all to significantly increase their profile, establish new creative relationships and expand the reach of their work. This will highlight many practitioners who – while highly accomplished and even internationally recognised – are largely unknown to audiences outside their respective communities. This is particularly the case with audiences in Perth.

All artists have had recent successes with solo exhibitions and/or notable acquisitions so this capitalises on career momentum. Securing such a prestigious venue, particularly in late summer and on short-notice, is highly unusual and offers a valuable opportunity to combine a highly engaged, metro-centric audience as well as local audience members.

The artists all proffer unique perspectives that are unexpected, challenging and exciting, illustrating the vigour and diversity of regional voices in a community heavily associated with tourism. The paradox of presenting such a show in such a venue speaks directly to the themes of overcoming perceived borders… socially, creatively and economically.

The ‘Emergences’ exhibition will support the creative development of South West artists; Christopher Young who will oversee and drive the creative direction of the project; and Anita Pettit will work alongside Christopher to learn the skills of curatorship and arts capacity building.

“This is a unique opportunity and experience to learn the art of curation and I am really excited to work alongside Christopher Young on this project. It is going to be an amazing exhibition showcasing such a diverse range of South West artists,” said Anita Pettit.

All artists will be actively encouraged and supported to engage with others, test their ideas and foster new collaborations.

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