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bureau42 is an independent marketing and media agency. We are flexible in our approach, ensuring that we deliver the best value for our clients that directly aligns with their needs and requirements to keep their business moving forward.

Wicked Strategies
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We create solutions in strategic planning, community engagement, communications and grant funding. We work with government and NFP’s on their community, economic and cultural development, enhancing social well-being, inclusion and outcomes.

Fringe Design

Business consultancy services specialising in tourism and hospitality marketing, promotion, project devlopment, management and operation reviews.

Start Digital

We specialise in looking at digital through a unique, future focused lens. Creating bigger, brighter web design projects and scroll stopping digital marketing strategies.

Teaspoon Marketing

We’d love to talk to to you about how we can help with our transparent, affordable marketing packages for SMEs


We are an agency who believes in ideas, strategically shaped, creatively sculpted and remarkably delivered.