Premium Membership is actively creating opportunities for spiritual growth with traditional dance, music, vocal workshops, kirtan/satsang and art-showcase storytelling concerts.

Based jointly in Perth, Margaret River and Denmark – Western Australia; and Goa and Dharamshala – India. Through the many and varied musical influences of Nomad/Troubadour Monty Cash and Hindustani Indian Classical vocalist Ram VJ – is dedicated to providing the fertile ground to explore spirituality from a Sufi approach. Join us on this journey!

More about Ram VJ:
🎼 Ram is an Indian Sufi and classical musician hailing from Karnal in North India near New Delhi. Having taught and played music for over 20 years his love for music as a pathway to unity with God is evident in his practice. Ram has had many teachers over the years – one notable of which was the late Ustad Sabri Khan 🎻 who took Ram under his wing for over a decade. Ram has performed all over India and taught vocal workshops internationally including in Moscow and regional Russia. Major influences include devotional poetry of enlightened mystics such as Saint Kabir Das and Saint Raidas. He has a deep passion in singing a range of transcendental poetry, Sufi songs, mantras and devotional songs. It is Ram’s strong belief that music can be one of the many paths to the ultimate spiritual goal – transcendence 💫

More about Monty:
Monty Cash creates music for the purpose of spiritual development using a range of styles influenced from over 7 years travel as a street musician in the span from Turkey to Ireland. It is his philosophy that by returning to the fundamental building blocks of rhythm and tone we can find our way back to the foundation of source, creating new pathways for the mind to navigate trauma and repressed emotion to move onwards to potentials yet unknown. Monty plays a range of Balkan and Indian inspired musics with Balkan, Indian and western instruments as well as jazzy/blues/rock as a singer/songwriter act which was his bread and butter while traveling the streets of the world. In an intuitive search for a music oriented spirituality Monty found Sufism.