Ferart Studio
Artists & Graphic Designers, Innovation & Design

David and Debbie use this space for their “hands-on” creative work, and welcome others to share in this…
David’s art at the studio is a counterpoint to his professional work. He creates highly functional pieces to interrogate the integration of scientific, rational, and economic activity; with the ecological, communal, intuitive and sensual aspects of human culture.
Deb’s work is about sharing creative sustainable designs and projects, exploring repurposing and up cycling projects that involve collecting, finding treasures, exchanging, sharing or shuffling, using existing resources for what we need, making new things from old, and reducing consumption. Deb’s work as an Occupational Therapist blends with her artistic activities and includes work in areas of Art Therapy, Mindfulness and Personal Growth.
Both use the studio as a making space, and hope to move online to share ideas and make their works available to others…
Ferart Studio focuses on capturing elements of function and form; imbuing soul, improving the beauty of an item, creativity quirkiness, elegance, sharing new skills and old ways.