Carol Seeley Art
Artists & Graphic Designers

Carol Seeley is an abstract artist creating vibrant, expressive works that explore the patterns of emotions, memories, landscapes, and places.
Carol’s paintings are visual diaries of her memories and reflections. The strong lines and colours reflect Carol’s unconscious response to the world – her strength and resilience, vulnerabilities and irregularities, juxtaposed against the joy of creating.
Carol is an intuitive artist, seeking colours and embracing the meandering, complex journey of the piece unfolding across the canvas. She explores with each brush stroke and scrape, listening to the direction the painting wants to take her. Carol’s pieces are layered and embrace texture and sgraffito, inviting the viewer to look closer and see what is beyond the surface of the piece.
The highlight of Carol’s artistic journey to date has been the acquisition of her abstract work “Filling in the Silences” for the City of Belmont (WA)’s permanent collection. “Filling in the Silences” discusses the need for pauses and silences in order to be heard. Look closely and you can see the silences being filled in this conversation between artist and canvas.

Carol lives in the beautiful Margaret River region of Western Australia. She has a degree in Social Science and English, has co-produced an award-winning documentary that was screened at The Sydney Film Festival in 2014, and now she paints – prolifically, and joyfully.