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Brainstorm Design
Creative Agency, Artists & Graphic Designers, Creative Director

“We are passionate about great design and want to blow your mind!”
We believe that design is at the heart of every great idea and through the work that we do we intend to empower our clients to shout their mission aloud. We create personal relationships and acknowledge that understanding each other is a big part of nailing the brief.

We look for the spark to ignite your vision and translate that through our knowledge, talent and professional skills to create an end product that captures your audience.

At the helm.
Brainstorm Design is led by Tim Kerr. With over a decade of experience in Graphic Design, Tim has tread a colourful path to be where he is today having lived across the globe from Canada, France, the UK and Australia.

Brainstorm Design is kept lean to adapt to the evolving market and the needs of our clients, employing a handful of technical wizards every so often to provide specialisation where required. Tim created Brainstorm Design from the ground up and as such has experience in all aspects of the design process from initial consult to delivery.