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Process & Design consultancy…..
… whereby I use a decade of visual design/art experience plus various other areas reflecting my broad academic background – went through a “go to university for fun” stage – Economics, Cross Cultural Discourse, Archaeology (studied the Dead Sea Scrolls), Community Development, Systems theory blah blah plus BSust Hons.
A little bit of design or consultation can really value add a situation particularly in areas where relevant professionals can be a little siloed in their thinking. Also if you want your shop front refurbished on the cheap, noticed a few could do with some love.

Localised Complexity and Collaborative Economy….

Complexity is a term used in Economics to describe increased interactions and value adding processes. Harvard University has an Atlas of Complexity index that a country like Italy for example scores very high on and Australia scores very low on. The typical macro view of Complexity can be used at the more micro or local level. By examining the data of your local economy and matching it with its community activities and organisations I can tease out the potential commercial collaborations that could happen that a stand alone business wouldn’t necessarily find commercially viable or appealing. By having multiple bodies partner with each other greater complexity and economic growth can be developed. Unlike a stand alone business just starting out the establishment costs and risks are greatly reduced allowing the collaboration to maximise existing resources, some ventures able to explore heretofore economic activity deemed too marginal. The overlap between community development and commercial activity has potentially large co-benefits.